WoW Classic: Method's Payo gets a 3-day ban on raidloot scams

      WoW Classic: Method's Payo gets a 3-day ban on raidloot scams

      buy WOW Classic Gold eu The famous Youtuber and Twitch streamer Payo caught a three-day ban on one of his WoW accounts during a stream. The reason: raidloot fraud. The method player is not aware of any guilt. He is said to have made several decisions in advance as a loot manager about which some raid participants were not too happy.

      We reported last week that Blizzard officials had banned numerous WoW accounts that somehow violated the World of Warcraft Terms of Service (buy now for $ 14.99). The main focus was on users of bots or exploits as well as players who had farmed "AFK" honor in Alterac Valley too often.

      According to Blizzard's notification, Payo's account will be banned in WoW Classic for three days for "raidloot fraud". He himself asserts several times in the stream that he is not aware of any guilt. On Reddit, however, several cases come up in which Payo, buy World of Warcraft Classic Gold as the loot manager, is said to have made decisions that some raid participants were not too happy about.

      An example: At Vaelastrasz the belt of the rogue T2 set dropped and Payo made no secret from the first moment that he wanted the booty for his rogue (from 3:58:46).

      However, another villain won the dice check. Only the winner didn't get the belt. On the contrary, those responsible for the raid then sought and found reasons to refuse to loot him. In the end, Payo pocketed the blood trap himself. The belt is said to have been rolled again later, but at that point the "victim" was no longer in the raid.

      Payo is not the only member of Method that noticed negative loot distribution in WoW Classic. In November 2019, the magician Jokerd had already given himself the stick of dominance. Only a little later, those responsible at Method canceled the contract with the player. Does Payo now face something similar?

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